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Genesis International College is a Registered Training Organisation, well-located in Adelaide CBD with Comfortable facilities, industry current trainers and assessors along with modern equipment and resources.Genesis International College provides accredited training and qualifications recognised all over Australia. After completing a course with Genesis International College, you will be ready to enter the workforce anywhere in Australia or the world.

Despite its diversity, Genesis International College strives to transform its students into responsible global citizens and future leaders through its challenging educational environment.


Having the wisdom to follow...having the courage to lead

To build a reputable brand as a leader in providing quality vocational education and training.


Get inspired. Take action. Become unstoppable.

Our mission is to provide students with high-quality vocational education and training to encourage a lifelong interest in learning for professional and personal growth.


We strive to offer high-quality and industry relevant courses and as an education provider to ensure you are set up for the future. Our approach to delivery and assessment supports the college’s Vision and Mission Statements.

We are committed to provide quality in training and assessment delivery by:

Providing nationally recognised training to meet the needs and expectations of students and industry.


Delivering courses that are flexible to meet the needs of a diverse range of students and have a holistic approach to training and assessment.


Producing graduates who are appropriately trained, skilled and who have the skills required by industry.


Engaging with the industries in which our training and assessment services are provided to ensure that courses remain current, accurate and are reflective of industry requirements.


Ensuring that students and persons seeking to enrol receive clear, accurate and detailed information about our services prior to enrolment in a course.




Our programs and support services are designed to help you focus on what matters and start gaining the required knowledge and developing the skills to work and excel in your industry.
There are various factors to consider while choosing us:
Hands-on learning
At GIC, we Assess the quality of learning which is crucial to ensure that students acquire practical skills. Assessments should measure not only the learning effectiveness of individual students, but also the overall student experience defined by a meaningful system of performance indicators.
Experienced Trainer
GIC strives to provide the best knowledge and skills by right training from the right personnel. Therefore, to achieve this, we have trainers with their considerable field experience to train you with their knowledge as well as insights of their real-life experiences.
Exceptional academic support services
GIC offers a range of academic support, such as ongoing guidance and support from trainers, excellent books/reading materials for academics, and our well-equipped classrooms.

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